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Norges Bank arranges research conferences and workshops on monetary policy, financial stability and macroeconomic topics at regular intervals.

Conference: Heterogeneous households, firms and financial intermediaries: Theoretical insights and validation with microdata
September 10-11, 2024

Past conferences: 

Norges Bank Research Workshop: Women in Central Banking
November 10, 2023

Monetary Policy and Financial Intermediation: Learning from Heterogeneity and Microdata
16-17 October 2023

Macroeconomic Risks, Uncertainty and Sustainability
12-13 October 2023, Copenhagen

The Future of Macroeconomic Policy
15-16 June 2023, Oslo

The Heterogeneous Effects of Macro Shocks and Policies
November 24, 2022

The Return of Inflation, organized jointly with Danmarks Nationalbank and Deutsche Bundesbank. 26 - 27 September 2022. 

Stabilization policies: Lessons from the COVID-19 crisis and prospects for future policy strategies
Online Conference hosted by Deutsche Bundesbank, 13 - 14 December 2021

Norges Bank-CEPR Workshop: Frontier Research in Banking
Christiania Qvartalet Meeting Center, Oslo and online , 18-19 November 2021

Low Interest Rate and Unconventional Monetary Policy
Online, 21-22 June 2021

Central Bank Independence. Lessons from History
Nicolai Rygg virtual panel debate, 8 April 2021

Frontier Research in Banking
Online, 16-17 November 2020

23rd Central Bank Macroeconomic Modelling Workshop
Norges Bank, 6-7 October 2020

Commodity Prices and Monetary Policy: New Theory and Evidence
Norges Bank, 4-5 June 2019

Business Cycles in Small Open Economies
Sveriges Riksbank, Stockholm, 13-14 September 2019

The Changing Economy and the Business Cycle: New Theory and Evidence
Norges Bank, 16-17 September 2019

Prepared for the Next Crisis? The Costs and Benefits of Financial Regulation
Norges Bank, 11-12 November 2019

Heterogeneous households, firms and financial intermediaries: New theory and evidence
Deutsche Bundesbank, Frankfurt am Main, 27–28 September 2018

26th CEPR European Summer Symposium in International Macroeconomics (ESSIM) 2018
Norges Bank, Oslo, 22-25 May 2018

Nonlinear Models in Macroeconomics and Finance for an Unstable World
Norges Bank, Oslo, 26-27 January 2018

7th Workshop on "Financial Determinants of Foreign Exchange Rates"
Norges Bank, Oslo, 14-15 December 2017 

Big data, machine learning and the macroeconomy
Norges Bank, Oslo, 2-3 October 2017

New developments in Business cycle analysis
Copenhagen, 5-6 October 2017

Workshop on housing and household finance
Norges Bank, Oslo, 28-29 August 2017

ReFIT Workshop
Norges Bank, Oslo, 21 April 2017

Rethinking inflation targeting: New directions for monetary policy
Norges Bank, Oslo, 8-9 September 2016

Financial Stability and Macroprudential Policy
Norges Bank, Oslo, 16 August 2016

Symposium: The interaction between monetary policy and financial stability - going forward
Norges Bank, Oslo, 16 June 2016

New Developments in Business Cycle Analysis
Rome, 8 June 2016

Joint workshop with Banque de France
Paris, 22 April 2016

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Edited 6 March 2020 13:30