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Research at Norges Bank is focused on issues of relevance to monetary policy and financial stability. Learn more about our research by clicking on the names below.

Researchers at Norges Bank Research:

Knut Are Aastveit
Deputy Director, Norges Bank Research
Forecasting and applied macroeconomics

Drago Bergholt
Monetary economics, open economy macroeconomics, oil and macro, DSGE models

Gunnar Bårdsen
Principal Researcher

Jin Cao
Financial crisis, banking and banking regulation, macroeconomic theory

Francesco Furlanetto
Principal Researcher
Monetary economics, open economy macroeconomics

Sigurd Mølster Galaasen
Macroeconomics, social security, banking

Eleonora Granziera

Marcus Mølbak Ingholt
Macroeconomics, macrofinance, and applied macroeconometrics

Ragnar Enger Juelsrud
Monetary policy, macroprudential regulation, banking

Andreas Ravndal Kostøl (on leave)
Applied economics

Vegard Høghaug Larsen
Macroeconomics, Time series econometrics

Kasper Roszbach
Research Director

Saskia Ter Ellen
International finance, behavioral finance, financial stability, empirical asset pricing


Visiting scholars:

Visiting scholars usually work at Norges Bank Research for 3-8 weeks a year

Hilde Bjørnland, Professor, BI Norwegian Business School

Fabio Canova, Professor, European University Institute and BI Norwegian Business School

Rama Cont, Professor, Imperial College, London

Plamen Nemov, Associate Professor, BI Norwegian Business School

Dagfinn Rime, Professor, BI Norwegian Business School

Herman van Dijk, Professor Emeritus, Erasmus University Rotterdam


Junior Researchers:

Ida Kristine Haavi

Tobias Ingebrigsten

Helene Olsen


PhD interns:

Rustam Jamilov, PhD Intern from London Business School

Giulia Mantoan, PhD Intern from Warwick Business School

Talina Sondershaus, PhD Intern from Halle Institute for Economic Research

Etienne Vaccaro-Grange, PhD Intern from Aix-Marseille School of Economics


Other Research economists at Norges Bank:

Q. Farooq Akram
International finance, applied macroeconomics

Ragna Alstadheim
Monetary economics, interaction of monetary and fiscal policy

Øyvind Eitrheim
Time series econometrics and macroeconometric modelling

Karsten R. Gerdrup
Applied macroeconomics and financial stability

Junior Maih
Senior adviser

Yasin Mimir
Macroeconomics, monetary economics, banking and international finance

Kjell Bjørn Nordal
Corporate finance, asset pricing, risk management, and credit risk

Ørjan Robstad
Monetary economics, macroeconometrics and macroeconomics

Jan F. Qvigstad
Special adviser
Monetary economics and applied macroeconomics

Øistein Røisland
Macroeconomic theory, monetary policy, and decision theory

Kjersti Næss Torstensen
Labor economics, public finance, household finance and monetary policy

Pål Bergset Ulvedal
Senior economist
Monetary economics, macroeconometrics and macroeconomics

Bent Vale
Banking, bank crises, payments

Bjørn Helge Vatne
Household finance, micro econometric modelling

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