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Karolis Liaudinskas

Karolis Liaudinskas



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Norges Bank
Bankplassen 2
P.O. Box 1179 Sentrum
0107 Oslo

Research interests

Financial intermediation, Monetary policy, Financial stability

Monetary policy spillover to small open economies: is the transmission different under low interest rates? Journal of Financial Stability, 65 (2023), (with J. Cao, V. Dinger, T. Gomez, M. Hodula, A. Jara, R. Juelsrud, S. Malovana, Z. Gric, and Y. Terajima)

How forced switches reveal switching costs: evidence from the loan market (R&R at Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis)

Rationality of algorithms: do algorithmic traders avoid the disposition effect?

Foreign exchange risk management: supervisory data evidence (with P. Abbassi, L. Laeven, and J.L. Peydró)

Trade conflicts and credit supply spillovers: Evidence from the Nobel Peace Prize trade shock (with J. Cao, V. Dinger, and R. Juelsrud)

The relationship lending channel of monetary policy transmission (with J. Cao and P. Dubuis)

Derivatives margining, and dealer intermediation under stress (with T. Kockerols, O. Syrstad, and S. Ter Ellen)

Covid-19 and bank digitization (with H. Andersen and J.L. Peydró)

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