Norges Bank

Ragnar Juelsrud

Senior Research Economist / Special Advisor


Tel.: +47 22 31 61 06
Mobile: +47 46 41 06 49

Norges Bank
Bankplassen 2
P.O. Box 1179 Sentrum
0107 Oslo

Research Interest

Monetary policy, macroprudential regulation, banking


Granular credit risk
with Rustam Jamilov, Sigurd Galaasen and Helene Rey

Mortgage regulation and financial vulnerability at the household level
with Knut Are Aastveit and Ella Getz Wold

The saving and employment effects of higher job loss risk
with Ella Getz Wold

Negative nominal interest rates and the bank lending channel
with Gauti B. Eggertsson, Lawrence H. Summers and Ella Getz Wold
revise and resubmit, Review of Economic Studies


Information quality and regime change: Evidence from the lab 
with Felipe Iachan, Leif Helland and Plamen Nenov
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, accepted

Do capital requirements make banks safer? Evidence from a quasi-natural experiment 
with Denefa Bostandzic, Felix Irresberger and Gregor Weiss
Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, accepted

Dividend payouts and rollover crises
with Plamen T. Nenov
Review of Financial Studies (2020), Volume 33, Issue 9, September 2020, Pages 4139–4185

Risk weighted capital requirements and portfolio rebalancing
with Ella Getz Wold
Journal of Financial Intermediation (2020), Volume 41

Om gjennomslaget fra styringsrenten til bankenes renter
with Kjell Bjørn Nordal and Hanna Winje
Staff Memo 11/2020

Countercyclical capital requirements, state dependence and macroeconomic outcomes
with Elif C. Arbatli-Saxegaard
International Journal of Central Bankingaccepted

The interaction between macroprudential and monetary policies: The cases of Norway and Sweden - with Jin Cao, Valeriya Dinger, Anna Grodecka-Messi and Xin Zhang
Review of International Economics (2020)

Opacity and risk-taking: Evidence from Norway
with Jin Cao
Journal of Banking and Finance, forthcoming

Effekter av IRB-metoden på bankenes utlån til norske foretak 
with Henrik Andersen and Andreas Kostøl 
Staff Memo 1/2020

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