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Norges Bank
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Research Interest

Macroeconomics, banking


Mortgage regulation and financial vulnerability at the household level - with Knut Are Aastveit and Ella Getz Wold

The saving and employment effects of higher job loss risk - with Ella Getz Wold

Negative nominal interest rates and the bank lending channel - with Gauti B. Eggertsson, Lawrence H. Summers and Ella Getz Wold

Do capital requirements make banks safer? Evidence from a quasi-natural experiment - with Denefa Bostandzic, Felix Irresberger and Gregor Weiss
revise and resubmit, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis

Information quality and regime change: Evidence from the lab - with Felipe Iachan, Leif Helland and Plamen Nenov


Dividend payouts and rollover crises - with Plamen T. Nenov
Review of Financial Studies (2020), Volume 33, Issue 9, September 2020, Pages 4139–4185

Risk weighted capital requirements and portfolio rebalancing - with Ella Getz Wold
Journal of Financial Intermediation (2020), Volume 41

Countercyclical capital requirements, state dependence and macroeconomic outcomes
with Elif C. Arbatli-Saxegaard

The interaction between macroprudential and monetary policies: The cases of Norway and Sweden - with Jin Cao, Valeriya Dinger, Anna Grodecka-Messi and Xin Zhang
forthcoming, Review of International Economics

Opacity and risk-taking: Evidence from Norway
with Jin Cao
revise and resubmit, Journal of Banking and Finance

Effekter av IRB-metoden på bankenes utlån til norske foretak - with Henrik Andersen and Andreas Kostøl 
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