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Magnus Andreas Haare Gulbrandsen



Mobile: +47 98498888

Norges Bank
Bankplassen 2
P.O. Box 1179 Sentrum
0107 Oslo

Research interests

household finance, macroeconomics, monetary policy

Magnus Gulbrandsen works as an adviser in the Financial Stability department, unit for Macroprudential supervision. 

He is working to complete his Ph.D. from BI Norwegian Business School (expected early Fall 2022). 

His research focuses on analyzing individual-level data in order to explain and understand macroeconomic trends and fluctuations. 

Gulbrandsen, Magnus Andreas Haare & Natvik, Gisle James (2020): "Monetary Policy and Household Debt", in Nordic Economic Policy Review, s. 67- 99. Doi:10.6027/Nord2020-025


Working papers

"How Does Monetary Policy Affect Household Indebtedness?" (with Andreas Fagereng, Martin B. Holm and Gisle J. Natvik). Norges Bank Working Paper 5/2021

"Peer Effects and Debt Accumulation - Evidence from Lottery Winnings." Norges Bank Working paper 10/2021


Work in progress

"Macro Shocks in a Micro Laboratory: Unified Evidence on Spousal Income Insurance, HouseholdSpending, and Spillovers" (with Andreas Fagereng, Karl Harmenberg and Gisle J. Natvik)

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