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Drago Bergholt

Researcher/senior adviser


Tel.: +47 22 31 60 46
Mobile: +47 47 30 09 98
Fax: +47 22 42 40 62
External homepage: Drago Bergholt

Norges Bank
P.O. Box 1179 Sentrum
0107 Oslo


Research Interests

Monetary economics and monetary policy, open economy macroeconomics, oil and petroleum economics, DSGE modelling

Bergholt, Drago, Francesco Furlanetto, and Nicolò Maffei Faccioli (2018): The Decline of The Labor Share: New Empirical Evidence

Bergholt, Drago and Vegard H. Larsen (2016): Business Cycles in an Oil Economy: Lessons from Norway

Bergholt, Drago (2015): Foreign Shocks

Bergholt, Drago and Tommy Sveen (2014): Sectoral Interdependence and Business Cycle Synchronization in Small Open Economies

Bergholt, Drago (2014): Monetary Policy in Oil Exporting Economies

Bergholt, Drago and Martin Seneca (2015): Oil Exports and the Reallocation Effects of Terms of Trade Fluctuations

Bergholt, Drago and Tommy Sveen (2015): Intermediate Trade and the Monetary Policy Transmission

Aastveit, Knut Are, Drago Bergholt and Andrea Ferrero: Commodity Trade and Asset Allocations

Bergholt, Drago, Øistein Røisland, Tommy Sveen and Ragnar Torvik: Optimal Transition Paths

Bergholt, Drago, Vegard H. Larsen, and Martin Seneca (2017): Business Cycles in an Oil Economy. Journal of International Money and Finance, in press.

Bergholt, Drago and Paivi Lujala (2012): Climate-related natural disasters, economic growth, and armed civil conflict. Journal of Peace Research Vol. 49(1), 149-162.

Personal homepage

Major policy related project: Review of Flexible Inflation Targeting (ReFIT)

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