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Norges Bank
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Research Interests

Applied macroeconomics and time series econometrics

"The Decline of the Labor Share: New Empirical Evidence" (with Drago Bergholt and Francesco Furlanetto). American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, forthcoming, July 2022.

"Does Immigration Grow the Pie? Asymmetric Evidence from Germany" (with Eugenia Vella). European Economic Review, Volume 138, September 2021, 103846.

Working Papers

"Nonlinear Transmission of Financial Shocks: Some New Evidence" with Mario Forni (Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia), Luca Gambetti (UAB, BSE, Università di Torino) and Luca Sala (Università Bocconi). Norges Bank Working Paper 2022/3. Awards: SNDE 2022 Richard Baillie Prize.

"Foreign Banks and the Doom Loop" with Ugo Albertazzi (ECB) and Jacopo Cimadomo (ECB). Norges Bank Working Paper 2022/3.Previous working paper version: ECB Working Paper Series No 2540.

"Identifying the Sources of the Slowdown in Growth: Demand vs. Supply". Norges Bank Working Paper 2021/9.

"Bad News, Good News: Coverage and Response Asymmetrieswith Luca Gambetti (UAB, BSE, Università di Torino) and Sarah Zoi (UAB and BSE).

"Monetary Policy Shocks and Inequality: Evidence from the US"

"Drivers of Labor Productivities and Labor Shares: Evidence from Euro Area Countries" with Claudia Foroni (ECB) and Matthias Mohr (ECB). In: ECB Occasional Paper Series No 266, “Digitalisation: channels, impacts and implications for monetary policy in the euro area” (Box 1, pp 65-66).


Work in progress

"Shrinkage of Admissible Models: the Role of Initial Conditions" with Drago Bergholt (Norges Bank), Francesco Furlanetto​ (Norges Bank) and Pål Bergset Ulvedal (Norges Bank).

"Measuring Fiscal Multipliers Using Forecast Revisions" with Luca Gambetti (UAB, BSE, Università di Torino).

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