Jan Fredrik Qvigstad

Special Adviser


Tel.: +47 22 31 60 64
E-mail: jan.qvigstad@norges-bank.no

Norges Bank
P.O. Box 1179 Sentrum
0107 Oslo

Research interests

Monetary economics and applied macroeconomics

Born: 1949


1975: Graduate Degree in economics (Cand. oecon) from the University of Oslo

Work experience:

2014: Executive Director, Norges Bank

2008-2014: Appointed Deputy Governor, Norges Bank

1997–2008: Director and member of the management team (corporate management) at Norges Bank. Executive Director of Norges Bank Monetary Policy, with responsibility for Economics Department, Monetary Policy Department, Department for Market operations and Analysis, Research Department and Statistics Department

2000–2008: Temporary position as Professor II (shared professorship) in economics, Norwegian School of Management (BI)

1998–1999: Temporary position as Director of Studies II in economics, Norwegian School of Management (BI)

1992–1996: Director, Economics Department, Norges Bank

1990–1992: Senior Officer, EFTA, with responsibility for coordination of financial services and capital movements in relation to the EEA negotiations

1984–1990: Assistant Director, Economics Department, Norges Bank

1982: Visiting Scholar, University of Cambridge, UK

1978–1984: Principal Officer, later Assistant Director, Economics Department at the Ministry of Finance

1974–1978: Assistant lecturer, Department of Economics, University of Oslo


2016: Member of The Petroleum Price Board

2014: Deputy chair of the Board at Statistics Norway

Member of Steigum Committee "Norsk økonomi i forandring" ("Changing Norwegian economy"). NOU 1988:21

Editor of Sosialøkonomen 1974–1976

Member of the Working Committee of CME (Centre for Monetary Economics) at the Norwegian School of Management 1999–2003


Articles in academic journals, books and papers:

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Books (editor and co-editor):

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  2. "Central Banks at a Crossroads", (with Michael D. Bordo, Øyvind Eitrheim and Marc Flandreau), Cambridge University Press, 2016
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Articles in newspapers

  1. "Pengenes aktsomme vokter",  Aftenposten 15. juni 2005
  2. "Lav prisstigning gjennom 500 år" ( "500 years of low inflation"), Aftenposten 25. oktober 2004


  1. Introductory remarks at the Workshop on Understanding Macroprudential Regulation Norges Bank, 2012
  2. "On learning from history - Truths and eternal truths" / "Om å lære av historien - Sannheter og evige sannheter", speech at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters (Det Norske Videnskaps-Akademi), 2012
  3. "On managing wealth" / "Om å forvalte rikdom", speech at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters (Det Norske Videnskaps-Akademi), 2011
  4. "Managing wealth – the Norwegian experience", speech at a seminar hosted by FEDEA in Madrid with the assistance of Norway’s ambassador to Spain, Torgeir Larsen, 23.03.2011
  5. "Lessons from the crisis for monetary policy and financial stability", speech at the Annual Money, Macro and Finance Conference, Limassol, 03.09.2010
  6. "Could the financial crisis have been avoided? Challenges to international cooperation and conflict", speech at a seminar on the financial crisis arranged by Prio in Oslo, 08.12.2009
  7. Comments on Lars E. O. Svensson's lecture "Policy expectations and policy evaluations: the role of transparency and communication" (Kommentarer til Lars E. O. Svenssons foredrag "Förväntningar om och utvärderingar av penningpolitiken: Vilken roll har öppenhet och kommunikation?",) at the Conference "Ten Years of Riksbank Independence" in Stockholm, 11.09.2009
  8.  "The global economic crisis and its impact on Sovereign Wealth Funds: The example of Norway", speech at a meeting for financial sector representatives in Geneva hosted by the Royal Norwegian Embassy, 11.05.2009
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