Norges Bank

Withdrawn notes and coins

Norges Bank may decide to withdraw banknotes and coins from circulation. Following the announcement, the notes and coins continue to be legal tender and may be used in the normal manner for one year. After this period, Norges Bank can redeem the notes and coins.

The following withdrawn banknotes can be exchanged at Norges Bank:

Banknotes series VII (1994-2020)

Banknote series VI (1979-2001)

Banknote series V (1962-1987)

Banknote series IV (1948-1976)

The following banknote series are no longer exchanged:

Banknote series III (1945-1955)

Banknote series II (1901-1945)

Banknote series I (1877-1901)

Small denomination notes

The following withdrawn coins can be exchanged at Norges Bank:

50-øre coin 1996-2011

5-krone coins (1963-97) and 10-krone coins (1983-91)

The following withdrawn coins are no longer exchanged:

(with the exeption of the coins specified above)

Coins 1992-1996

Coins 1957-1991

Edited 25 October 2021 07:00
Edited 25 October 2021 07:00