Norges Bank

Banknotes 1979-2001 (Series VI)

Three major changes were introduced with this series: The 10-krone note was discontinued and replaced by a coin in 1983, Camilla Collett was depicted on the 100-krone note from 1977 and was the first woman to appear on a Norwegian banknote and the 50-krone note issued in 1985 featured text in Nynorsk with the name of the Bank rendered as NOREGS BANK.

For this series, examples of Norwegian arts and handicrafts from earlier periods were chosen as motifs for the reverse.

The notes were designed by Norges Bank's graphics department based on an idea of Leif F. Anisdahl.

50-krone note

Issued 1985-1997. No longer valid from 28 January 2008. Number issued: 204 280 000. Size: 135 x 67 mm.

50-krone note, obverse

Obverse: Portrait of Aasmund Olavsson Vinje.

50-krone note, reverse

Reverse: Detail from the doorway of the Hylestad stave church.

100-krone note

Issued 1979-1997, No longer valid from 5 September 2008. Number issued: 690 180 000. Size: 145 x 78 mm.

100-krone note, obverse

Obverse: Portrait of Camilla Collett.

100-krone note, reverse

Reverse: Rosette with a fifteenth-century silver buckle.

500-krone note

Issued 1991-2000. No longer valid from 17 April 2011. Number issued: 40 902 000. Size: 155 x 78 mm.

500-krone note, obverse

Obverse: Portrait of Edvard Grieg.

500-krone note, reverse

Reverse: Antique ornamental floral detail.

1000-krone note

Issued 1990-2001. No longer valid from 26 June 2012. Number issued: 56 525 000. Size: 155 x 78 mm.

1000-krone note, obverse

Obverse: Portrait of Christian Magnus Falsen. 

1000-krone note, reverse

Reverse: Seventeenth-century cast iron stove panel.

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Edited 30 November 2012 14:04