Norges Bank

The Executive Board’s principles for whistleblowing at Norges Bank

Adopted by Norges Bank's Executive Board on 14 October 2009 - Last amended 20 September 2017

1 Purpose and background

To contribute to a good working environment and efficient operations, Norges Bank aims to promote a culture of open communication. Through the exchange of views and provision of information, employees can help identify risks, avoid undesirable events and prevent damage or loss to the Bank. Whistleblowing can be used in cases where the usual channels are not appropriate. These whistleblowing principles have been laid down to establish procedures for the disclosure by staff and employees on temporary contracts of wrongdoing (whistleblowing) at Norges Bank and ensure that such disclosure does not lead to reprisals from the Bank. Staff and employees on temporary contracts are encouraged to report any wrongdoing.

2 Safe and effective whistleblowing

Norges Bank’s whistleblowing system must be safe and effective. This means that the whistleblowing system must ensure disclosure of wrongdoing in cases where the usual reporting channels cannot be used.

3 Managers’ responsibility

Managers are to ensure that whistleblowers are shown respect.

4 Choice of whistleblowing channels

Norges Bank’s whistleblowing system must provide a range of whistleblowing channels to ensure that whistleblowers can disclose information in the way they find most appropriate.

5 Protection from reprisals

Whistleblowers must be protected from reprisals or retaliation by managers and other colleagues. It is a management responsibility to ensure that whistleblowers are not subject to discrimination, harassment or disadvantage as a result of their whistleblowing. Any suspicion that a whistleblower has been subject to reprisals of any kind must be reported through one of the whistleblowing channels and dealt with by the executive management.

6 Administration

Administrative procedures must be established specifically for cases reported through the whistleblowing system. These administrative procedures must ensure predictability and confidence that whistleblowing reports received, and any reports of reprisals, will be handled appropriately. The procedures must also take account of the need for confidentiality for the whistleblower and for the alleged wrongdoer(s). Information received through Norges Bank’s whistleblowing system must be stored securely to prevent unauthorised access.

7 Right to anonymity

Anonymous whistleblowing reports will be processed.

8 Data protection

Data protection considerations must be addressed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and provisions laid down by the Norwegian Data Protection Authority. Whistleblowing case documents must be stored in the Bank’s archives and included in the record-keeping plan to the extent provided for by the rules for preserving and deleting etc. archive material.

9 Right to appeal

The whistleblower or alleged wrongdoer may appeal on procedural grounds or against the treatment they have received if the rules for the receipt and processing of whistleblowing reports have been contravened. Appeals must be lodged under existing appeal arrangements where possible. Any appeals must be lodged as soon as there are grounds for appeal. Appeals are to be processed and responded to by a body other than that which processed the whistleblowing report.

10 Delegation etc

Authority is delegated to the Governor of Norges Bank to establish a whistleblowing system and issue supplementary whistleblowing rules at Norges Bank excluding Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM).

Authority is delegated to the CEO of NBIM to establish a separate whistleblowing system and issue supplementary rules for NBIM.

Supplementary rules must be prepared in collaboration with employees and their representatives. The regulation must be made readily available to all employees.

Published 27 October 2021 12:40