Norges Bank

50-øre coins with date error

Norges Bank ordered 10 million 50-øre coins for delivery in 2011. A large number of this batch of coins have a date error: in the date featured on the coin’s reverse (tails side), the last two digits in the year (11) have been reversed. More than 8 million coins had been struck by Mint of Norway before the error was discovered and corrected.

In Norges Bank’s assessment, the error will not pose any problems for the coin’s function as a means of payment. And because of the large number produced, the coins will not be of value as a collector’s item. As discarding these coins and producing a new batch would involve considerable cost, Norges Bank has decided that these coins may be put into circulation. The coins will be put into circulation through autumn.

The error is indicated by the red circle below.

50 øre coin 2011

Published 9 September 2011 10:30