Norges Bank

Norges Bank Administration

The area is responsible for Norges Bank support functions.

Duties include:

  • Providing legal advice and handling legal matters
  • Responsibility for financial reporting, governance, procurement, and tax management
  • Responsibility for security, safety and contingency preparedness
  • Responsibility for service functions, including secretariat duties and front office services
  • Responsibility for management, operation and maintenance of central bank facilities
  • Responsibility for HR strategy and employer duties and obligations
  • Responsibility for operational communications activities, language services and information management

Executive Director: Jane Aamodt Haugland


Legal and information management

The Legal department provides legal advice and services on all legal matters relating to the activities of Norges Bank Central Banking Operations, with particular emphasis on central bank legislation and payment and settlement systems, financial instruments and asset management, notes and coins and the management of Norges Bank. The unit is also responsible for ensuring compliance with the rules for public administration procedures.

Director: Alexander Behringer


The Finance Unit is the centralised finance function in Norges Bank and is responsible for financial reporting, governance (action plans and budget), procurement, tax management, and invoice and payroll processing.

Director: Ørjan Agdesteen

Security & Crisis Management

The main responsibility of the Security department is to safeguard the operational security of the central bank. The Security Unit is responsible for security management at Norges Bank, with primary emphasis on contingency preparedness and structural security. The unit also has operational responsibility for physical security, ie guarding buildings, other material assets, staff and visitors. Other primary tasks include providing guidelines for information security and performing security checks and clearances for permanent and temporary staff.

Director: Christian Slinning

Property & Facility Management

The unit is responsible for the management, operation, maintenance and development of Norges Bank's headquarters at Bankplassen 2 and the Bank's holiday and conference facilities. Norges Bank's headquarters are located in a monumental building in Oslo of high cultural heritage value, and the unit's tasks involve meeting high standards with regard to security, functionality and design that are specifically tailored to the Bank. Other key tasks include further development of sustainable building design and operation and the efficient utilisation of space and standardisation of work stations to facilitate increased flexibility and reduce the need for reconstruction.

Director: Håvard Zachariassen

Human Resources

The People & Organisation department is responsible for fulfilling the Bank's role as employer, including formulating and implementing the Bank's HR strategy, salaries, wage negotiations, HSE and personnel handling in crises events. The department is also responsible for the occupational health service and organisational and leadership development. 

Director: Ada Magnæs Aass

Communications and External Relations

The Communications Unit is responsible for operational activities related to communications at Norges Bank. Tasks include media advice and management, responsibility for the intranets and external websites, language services and public speaking activities for executive management.

Director:  Runar Malkenes

Edited 17 June 2021 10:30
Edited 17 June 2021 10:30