Norges Bank

General Secretariat

The department performs secretariat, coordinating and governance functions on behalf of the Bank's executive management.

Duties include:

  • Serving as the secretariat for the Executive Board, Monetary Policy and Financial Stability Committe and executive management
  • Coordinating strategy and governance processes for central banking operations and Norges Bank Investment Management

Acting Director: Ingrid Solberg
Tel. outer office: +47 22 31 60 68

Communications Unit

The Communications Unit is responsible for activities related to communications at Norges Bank Central Banking Operations. Tasks include media advice and management, responsibility for the intranets and external website, language services and public speaking activities for executive management.

Director:  Torild Lid Uribarri

General Counsel

The General Counsel holds ultimate responsibility for providing legal advice to the Executive Board and the executive management of Norges Bank.

Duties include:

  • Quality assurance of legal advice provided to the Bank's departments relating to major issues
  • Monitoring of the Bank's interests in legal issues in the EEA and international fora

General Counsel: Marius Ryel

Edited 4 September 2023 09:10
Edited 4 September 2023 09:10