Norges Bank


Norges Bank was established in 1816 based on a silver tax.

Read more about the silver tax, the mint union, the gold standard and Bretton Woods. Photographs depicting some of Norges Bank’s nearly 200-year history are also available

Norges Bank 200 years in 2016

Norges Bank celebrated its 200-year anniversary in 2016. An extensive research project was conducted with the aim of publishing several books before and during the celebration in 2016.

Financial crisis of 2007–2008

The financial turbulence was triggered by problems in the US subprime housing market in August 2007, but gained momentum in autumn 2008. With a view to curbing the effects of the turbulence Norges Bank implemented a range of measures to boost liquidity in the banking system. Norges Bank provided loans with maturities that are longer than normal and expanded the list of eligible bank collateral for loans.