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Research at Norges Bank

The research expertise at Norges Bank reflects the need to ensure a sound basis for decision making in the areas of monetary policy and financial stability.

The reseach unit's work, which is regularly published in internationally well-recognized, academic journals, encompasses theoretical and empirical research related to monetary policy, financial markets, asset management, and the development and use of macroeconomic models.

Monetary policy research focuses in particular on the functioning of the Norwegian economy, on the formulation of monetary policy strategy, and properties of the monetary policy regime.

Research on financial stability focuses on equity markets and the behaviour of financial institutions.

You will find more details on individual research projects on the research economists homepages.

An account of the research activities is presented in Norges Bank's Annual Report.


As part of an international research environment, Norges Bank has extensive contact with researchers at universities and other central banks. Scholars visiting Norges Bank present their work and take part in seminars and workshops.

Norges Bank's Research Council

The Research Council evaluates the academic research at Norges Bank and advices the Bank's executives on research matters.

The Research Council is composed of two academics with special expertise in the research unit's areas of research.

The council members are appointed for a period of three years. Current member is Andrew T. Levin.

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