Norges Bank

Research strategy

The core mission of Norges Bank Research is to support the main policy objectives of Norges Bank. Concrete measures designed to achieve this goal are further described in the strategy plan of Norges Bank Research.

Norges Bank Research ("NBR") supports the objectives of Norges Bank ("NB" or "the Bank") in five different ways. First, NBR provides research‐based economic analysis and help to ensure that the Bank’s policy analyses are conducted using methods from the economic research frontier. Second, NBR acts as a link to the global academic communy, providing staff and policymakers with access to recognized experts within fields of interest to the Bank. Third, NBR conducts high-quality research, aiming for publication in well recognized, peer‐reviewed journals in areas of importance to the Bank. Fourth, NBR offers a stable and long‐term access to a pool of economists with expertize in analythical and empirical methods of relevance to central banking. Fifth, NBR aims to contribute substantially to the strategic objectives of NB in the period 2020‐2022.

With these goals in mind, the ambition of NBR is to be among the best central bank research groups in the world and to be Norway's leading institution for research on monetary policy and financial stability.

The current research strategy plan, which covers the period 2020-2022, provides a framework designed to achieve the goals of NBR. It specifies (i) tasks and intermediate goals for research economists and the research unit, (ii) a plan to ensure that research expertise is developed and maintained in NB, (iii) a research philosophy and potential challenges, as well as (iv) strategic initiatives specific for the strategy period.

Published 28 May 2021 17:17
Published 28 May 2021 17:17