Norges Bank

New 1000-krone note - motifs

Format: 154 x 70 mm

Obverse side

The primary motif on the 1000-krone note is a wave in the open sea. The wave suggests the sea as a counterforce that hones us, and a driving force that carries us forward.

For over a millennium the sea has been the basis for our wealth, for our contact with the rest of the world and for our optimism for the future. New industries and technologies have provided the coast and the activities at sea with ever newer content.

At the same time, climate changes and loss of biodiversity pose challenges that must be solved. Further commitments to maritime and marine research in the years ahead will be an important step towards ensuring sustainable development. With new knowledge and new solutions, the sea will continue to be a force that carries us forward.

In the upper-right corner of the banknote you can see an Atlantic puffin. The head of a puffin and the value of the banknote are also featured in the watermark used on all the denominations.

Reverse side

In the pattern of the 1000-krone note, the open sea vaguely appears on the horizon. There is a strong gale and the rectangular forms are longer than on the 500-krone note. The waves pile up in the organic pattern. Two depictions of a water molecule in both liquid and solid states also appear.

Norway is a small country, but a major maritime and coastal nation. Our geography and our abundance of natural resources combined with initiative, knowledge and hard work has made us prosperous.

We have always been – and in the future always will be – closely tied to the sea. For transportation and contact, for food and nutrients, for energy production, recreation and as a source of inspiration. The sea provides us with challenges, positive experiences and a horizon to which we can fix our gaze – towards the infinite and unknown.

Edited 22 October 2019 13:00
Edited 22 October 2019 13:00