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1500-krone commemorative coin 2005

Design and technical specifications

1500-krone commemorative coin 2005, obverse
1500-krone commemorative coin 2005, reverse
Obverse Reverse

To commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the dissolution of the union between Norway and Sweden in 2005, a 1500-krone gold commemorative coin has been struck. The coin, which is proof quality and legal tender, was put into circulation on 7 June 2005.

Technical specifications:

Diameter: 27 mm
Weight: 16,96 g
Alloy: 917/1000 Au, remainder Ag
  i.e. 15.55 g fine gold (1/2 oz.)

Distinguishing characteristics:

Obverse: A triple portrait of Norway's three kings during the 100-year period. From right to left: H.M. Kong Harald V, King Olav V and King Haakon VII. Below the triple portrait is the motto of all three kings: ALT FOR NORGE (All for Norway). To the right under the triple portrait are the artist Øivind Hansen's initials, ØH, and the date, 2005.
Reverse: Here the artist has wanted to illustrate the new age by means of binary code - "computer language" - which consists of zeros and ones. Above the motif: 1905-2005, flanked on the left by the initials of the Director of Det Norske myntverket AS, Magne Flågan: MF and on the right by the mintmark of Det Norske Mynverket: the crossed pick and hammer. Below the motif the inscription: 1500 KRONER. To the right of the last 1, the signature of the artist, Tomasz B. Ozdowski, TB.

Edge: Plain.

Published 2 June 2005 13:58