Norges Bank

Commemorative coins

Norges Bank issues two types of commemorative coins to mark events of cultural, historical or national importance.

  1. Gold and/ or silver jubilee and commemorative coins
  2. Special edition circulation coins

Both types commemorative coin are issued pursuant to Section 3-4 (1) of the Central Bank Act, which is the general statutory authorisation for issuing coins. Special edition circulation coins have the identical technical specifications and the same face value as the corresponding ordinary circulation coin, but the design may be different on one or both sides.

Gold and silver jubilee and commemorative coins differ from other Norwegian coins in terms of both design and shape. When such coins are issued, it may be decided to put them into circulation at a premium to face value. These coins are nevertheless legal tender like other Norwegian coins.

Gold and silver commemorative coins are very rarely used as a means of payment, and shops and others may be unfamiliar with such coins and find it impractical to accept them for payment. For that reason, gold and silver commemorative coins can, if necessary, be exchanged at face value at Norges Bank's main office in Oslo or by sending them by mail to the Bank. To arrange an exchange-by-mail, contact the Bank by e-mail:

Edited 22 March 2023 12:00