Norges Bank

Commemorative coins

Norges Bank issues two types of commemorative coins to mark events of cultural, historical or national importance.

  1. Jubilee and commemorative coins pursuant to Section 16 of the Norges Bank Act. These are gold and/or silver coins and are not regarded as circulation coins.
  2. Special edition circulation coins pursuant to Section 13 of the Norges Bank Act, which is the general legal basis for issuing coins..

Gold and silver jubilee and commemorative coins differ from other Norwegian coins in terms of both design and shape. These coins are nevertheless legal tender like other Norwegian coins. When such coins are issued, it may be decided that they are to be put into circulation at a premium above their nominal value. The difference between the face value and the premium may then be used for the common good.

Special edition circulation coins have been issued by Norges Bank on several occasions since 1975. These have had identical technical specifications and the same nominal value as the equivalent ordinary circulation coin, while the design may differ on one or both sides.

Commemorative coins issued by Norges Bank:

Edited 22 January 2018 10:53
Edited 22 January 2018 10:53