Norges Bank

Norges Bank’s climate and sustainability strategy

Norges Bank’s climate and sustainability strategy sets out environmental objectives and measures for Norges Bank’s activities. There is no time horizon. Specific objectives and measures will be adjusted to preconditions and options in various operational areas and locations.

1. Norges Bank will contribute to sustainable developments within the framework of its mission and responsibilities.

  1. We will ensure that environmental considerations are integrated throughout.
  2. We will assess our interface with the external physical environment.
  3. We will use targeted measures to limit the Bank’s negative effect on the
  4. We will provide the facilities to enable employees and suppliers to make
    greener choices. 

2. Established environmental management practices will be integrated in the management of the Bank.

  1. We will conduct operations in line with recognised environmental standards. 
  2. We will be environmentally responsible and promote health in the workplace.
  3. We will choose cost-effective environmental measures that meet the Bank’s needs. 

3. Norges Bank staff will have environmental competence in the operational areas where this is appropriate.

  1. We will contribute to the spread of knowledge concerning the importance of climate change for economic developments and stability.
  2. We will use our environmental competence to understand our own effect on the environment and identify measures.
  3. We will assess environmental factors in investment management in order to protect the GPFG’s assets in the long term.

4. Norges Bank will be transparent about its environmental responsibility. 

  1. We will inform the public through transparent and active communication.
  2. Our communication will contribute to knowledge-based social debate
Edited 16 April 2021 14:00
Edited 16 April 2021 14:00