Norges Bank


Minutes of the Executive Board meeting of 11 April 2018


Executive Board:

Øystein Olsen, Jon Nicolaisen, Egil Matsen, Karen Helene Ulltveit-Moe, Kathryn M. Baker and Steinar Juel


Arne Hyttnes


Kjetil Storesletten, Kristine Ryssdal, Kristine Landmark

Employee representatives:

Mona H. Sørensen and Nina Larsson Midthjell (items 66-67)

Supervisory Council:

Julie Brodtkorb (item 66)

Office of the Supervisory Council:

Jan Frode Jakobsen (66), Randi Almås (66)


Yngve Slyngstad (66-68), Trond Grande (66-68), Merethe Riddervold (66), Marius Ryel (66), Mads Kristensen (66), Ingunn Valvatne (66-69), Runar Malkenes (66-69), Pål Haugerud (66), Bjarne Gulbrandsen (66-69)

There were no comments on the meeting notice and agenda.

Item 66/2018 Supervisory Council's report on the supervision of Norges Bank in 2017

Discussion document:

  • Memo from the General Secretariat of 10 April 2018 with attached report from the Supervisory Council

Julie Brodtkorb presented the main elements of the Supervisory Council's supervision of the Bank in 2017, including the assessments and conclusions described in the Council's report to the Storting.

The Executive Board discussed the matter and took note of the presentation and report.

Item 67/2018 Minutes of the Executive Board meeting of 14 March 2018

Discussion document:

  • Draft minutes

The Executive Board approved the minutes of its meeting of 14 March 2017.

Item 68/2018 Briefing on relevant matters

Yngve Slyngstad and Egil Matsen gave a briefing on relevant matters for Norges Bank Investment Management, including key themes in the white paper on the Government Pension Fund Global (Report No. 13 to the Storting (2017-2018)).

Item 69/2018 Any other business

There was no other business.

The following were distributed for information together with discussion documents:

  • Executive Board's seminar on 11 April 2018 - Agenda
  • NBIM report Performance and Risk – February 2018
  • GPFG – Reports and presentations from meeting with the Ministry of Finance
    • Attachment 1: Report from the 2017 Q2 meeting with the Ministry of Finance
    • Attachment 2: Report from the 2017 Q3 meeting with the Ministry of Finance
    • Attachment 3: Presentation from the 2017 Q3 meeting with the Ministry of Finance
    • Attachment 4: Presentation from the 2017 meeting with the Ministry of Finance (annual meeting)
  • Letter to the Ministry of Finance of 3 April 2018 - benchmark index for the GPFG
  • Reports from assurance engagements on behalf of the Supervisory Council
    • Attachment 1: Assurance engagement government debt management - Letter from the Office of the Supervisory Council 16 March 2018
    • Attachment 2: Assurance engagement regarding the government's accounts at Norges Bank 16 March 2018
Published 8 November 2018 10:40