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New JSON format - the transition period is extended

On Wednesday 17 February, we will remove the backward compatibility for the JSON format in Norges Bank's API for open data.

In September 2020, the official format of sdmx-json was made available to users of our API for open data. This is a breaking change, therefore we have had a gradual transition to the new format.

If you are currently using "sdmx-new-json" it must be changed to "sdmx-json". No further changes are required.

If you are currently using "sdmx-old-json" you will need to change it to "sdmx-json" and additionally change to handle the new format. The biggest change is that the root elements are renamed from "header" and "datasets" to "meta" and "data.datasets". A full description of the format is available on GitHub.

The change was previously announced for implementation on 27 January, but the transition period has now been extended to 17 February 2021.

Published 27 January 2021 09:40


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Published 27 January 2021 09:40