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API for open data

Norges Bank's API for open data offers programmatic access to selected datasets published by the bank.

The available dataflows are exchange rates and interest rates (policy rate, Nowa and Norwegian government securities).

The service is implemented as a REST interface for querying data and metadata and offers a variety of formats for the retrieved data.

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Norges Bank's API for open data has moved to new servers

There should not be any changes for the users of the API, but we would like to inform about some server changes.
(15 November 2021)
Norges Bank's API for open data has moved to new servers


Norges Bank quotes the Vietnamese dong

From Tuesday 15 June, a new exchange rate, the Vietnamese dong (VND), has been added to Norges Banks API for open data. Quoted VND rates go back to 4 January 2021.
(15 June 2021)
See all exchange rates in API for open data

New JSON format - the transition period is extended

On Wednesday 17 February, we will remove the backward compatibility for the JSON format in Norges Bank's API for open data.
(27 January 2021)
Read more about the change

New JSON format

On Wednesday 25 November, we will change the JSON format in Norges Bank's API for open data. This will affect all API requests that request "sdmx-json" as the response format.
(20 November 2020)
About the change to sdmx-json official format

New json format

The sdmx-json format goes from beta to official format. This involves some important changes.
(10 Sept 2020)
More information about the new json format

Better csv format

You can now decide what should be columns and rows in the csv file. For example, you can now get exchange rates as columns instead of rows as before.
(10 Sept 2020)
More about the csv format

Receive news about changes in API

You can now receive automatic notifications by e-mail when we give information about changes that apply to Norges Bank's API for open data.
(10 Sept 2020)
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Old files are deleted - retrieve data from API

On Monday 14 September, Norges Bank will stop offering the old way of retrieving exchange rates and everyone must now switch to retrieve data from our API.
(11 September 2020)
More information about retrieving data from API

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