Norges Bank

Regional Network report

Phone survey April 2012, summary of findings

A phone survey of a sample of contacts in Norges Bank’s regional network was conducted in the period 23-27 April 2012. The survey encompassed 69 private sector enterprises nationwide and focused on developments in output and employment since January.

In January (report 1-2012), regional network enterprises expected that growth in output would decline slightly in the next six months. Information gathered at the end of April indicates that growth in output has been somewhat stronger than expected by the enterprises in January. Overall market prospects also appear to have improved slightly since January.

In January, enterprises planned to increase employment over the next three months. In April, they reported that developments in employment had been broadly in line with expectations. Capacity utilisation appears to have increased somewhat since January.

Facts about the regional network

In autumn 2002, Norges Bank established a regional network of enterprises, organisations and local authorities throughout Norway. More about the Regional Network

Published 7 May 2012 10:00