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Regional network

Each round of talks comprises about 300 visits. The contacts reflect the production side of the economy, both in terms of industry sector and geographic area. The network comprises approximately 1500 individuals, who are contacted once or twice a year.

The information obtained from the regional network, along with other available information on economic developments, will form a basis for Norges Bank’s projections as presented in the Monetary Policy Report and other published material.

We have divided Norway into seven regions comprising the following counties:

  • Region North: Finnmark, Troms and Nordland
  • Region Central Norway: Trøndelag
  • Region North-West: Møre og Romsdal and Sogn og Fjordane
  • Region South-West: Hordaland and Rogaland
  • Region South: Aust-Agder, Vest-Agder, Telemark and Vestfold
  • Region Inland: Hedmark and Oppland
  • Region East: Oslo, Akershus, Østfold and Buskerud

The following regional research institutes are responsible for the network and conduct meetings with network contacts on behalf of Norges Bank in six of the regions:

  • Kunnskapsparken Bodø (Region North)
  • The Centre for Economic Research at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Region Central Norway)
  • NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS (Region North-West)
  • NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS (Region South-West)
  • NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS (Region South)
  • Østlandsforskning (Region Inland)
  • The seventh region, Region East, is covered by Norges Bank from its head office in Oslo.

We publish a national summary and charts following each round of contacts.

We wish to emphasise that the information from the regional network is to some extent based on discretion, in terms of both which companies are contacted and the assessments of economic developments. The report does not represent Norges Bank’s or a particular company’s view of economic developments.

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