Norges Bank

Regional Network report

Phone survey April 2010, summary of findings

29 April 2010

Norges Bank’s regional network conducted a phone survey of a sample of private sector contacts in the period 19-21 April 2010. The survey encompassed 71 enterprises region-wide and focused on developments in output and employment, as well as the effects of the volcanic eruption.

In the February survey (round 1-2010), regional network enterprises expected output to rise by around 1½ per cent in the period to summer. At the same time, enterprises were planning to maintain workforces unchanged for the following three months. So far, developments in both output and employment are generally in line with expectations. In building and construction and the building materials industry, the cold winter has contributed to somewhat weaker-than-expected growth. Order intake and output has been somewhat higher than expected in some export sectors. Output and employment expectations are virtually unchanged.

Few enterprises expected the volcanic eruption to have a substantial impact, but the incident has given rise to some uncertainty as to the market outlook for enterprises, particularly in the travel industry.

In autumn 2002, Norges Bank established a regional network of enterprises, organisations and local authorities throughout Norway. More about the Regional Network

Published 29 April 2010 10:00