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Norges Bank Watch
An annual report written by a committee of independent economists to evaluate Norges Bank's monetary policy. Published by The Centre for Monetary Economics (CME) - a research centre at BI Norwegian School of Management.

External assessment of Norges Bank's work on financial stability (pdf, 716 kB) (2014)
In August 2014 Johanna Fager Wettergren was commissioned by Norges Bank to assess the Bank's work on financial stability. The purpose of the assessment has been to provide general strategic advice and recommendations concerning analyses and communication, given Norges Bank's mandate in the area of financial stability. The result of the assessment, which was conducted in the period between August and December 2014, is presented in this report. Wettergren has since 2006 held different positions with the Financial stability department of Sveriges Riksbank. Prior to conducting the assessment at Norges Bank, Wettergren was Head of Macroprudential Division at the Riksbank.

Norges Bank’s 2009 Annual Report on Payment Systems: A review (pdf, 52 kB) (2011)
In June 2010, Norges Bank invited a review panel to evaluate Norges Bank’s Annual Report on Payment Systems 2009. The panel consisted of Daniel Heller (Bank for International Settlements), Francisco Tur Hartmann (European Central Bank) and Tore Nilssen  (University of Oslo). The report from the review panel was presented to Norges Bank’s Executive Board in January 2011.

The Monetary Policy Report process in Norges Bank (pdf, 154 kB) (2010)
In January 2010, Ingimundur Fridriksson was asked to assess the interest rate decision process in Norges Bank. His report gives an assessment of the internal process leading up to the publication of Monetary Policy Report 1/10 and the interest rate decision in March 2010. Fridriksson is a former member of the Board of Governors of the Central Bank of Iceland, and Executive Director for the Nordic-Baltic Constituency in the International Monetary Fund.

External evaluation of the work on stress testing in Norges Bank (pdf, 347 kB) (2010)
In 2010 Norges Bank requested a group of external experts to evaluate the stress test models used in Norges Bank. The group was chaired by Myron Kwast, former senior officer at the Federal Reserve Board and former chairman of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision’s Research Task Force (RTF). Other members were Professor Steinar Holden from the University of Oslo, senior policy adviser Iman van Lelyveld and policy adviser Demelza Jurcevic, De Nederlandsche Bank.

Report to Jan Qvigstad, Executive Director, Norges Bank Monetary Policy, on the structure and functioning of the Norges Bank Monetary Policy Wing by C. Freedman (pdf, 243 kB) (2006)
This report has been prepared in response to a request by Jan Qvigstad, the Executive Director of the Monetary Policy wing of the Norges Bank, for advice on the structure and operations of the wing. The purpose of the study is to provide suggestions regarding the structure of the wing and the human resources policies of the wing that would improve the functioning of Norges Bank Monetary Policy (PPO).

Norges Bank's Financial Stability Report : A follow-up review (pdf, 62 kB) (2006)
By Alex Bowen (Bank of England), Mark O'Brien (International Monetary Fund) and Erling Steigum (Norwegian School of Management BI)

Report from the Nordic-Baltic Constituency on the Role of the IMF (pdf, 85 kB)
This report reflects the views of the Nordic-Baltic Constituency on recent and current main issues on the agenda of the IMF. The report has been endorsed by the Nordic-Baltic Monetary and Financial Committee (NBMFC), which periodically discusses the constituency's view on the major issues on the Fund's agenda

Reports from the Nordic-Baltic Office on the IMF's activities
From 2004, the Nordic-Baltic representative on the Executive Board of the IMF has published bi-annual reports on key topics that have been dealt with by the Board during the previous six months. The reports cover three types of issue: global economic developments, the status of the IMF's major lending programmes and the most significant policy discussions. 

Report to the Executive Board of the Norges Bank on the decision-making process and the strategy document (pdf, 144 kB)
David Longworth, Deputy Governor of the Bank of Canada, and Asbjørn Rødseth, Professor of Economics at the University of Oslo, have evaluated the strategy documents for 2002 and other material submitted to the Board in connection with the monetary policy strategy discussions. David Longworth and Asbjørn Rødseth presented the report to the Board on 3 June 2003.

How do central bank write? An evaluation of inflation targeting central banks (pdf, 324 kB)
At Norges Bank's request, Hans Genberg, Charles Wyplosz and Andrea Fracasso from the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva have written the report "How do Central Banks Write?". By comparing and assessing inflation reports from 20 countries that use inflation targeting, the authors define international criteria for what a good inflation report should contain. They have also made a separate evaluation of Norges Bank's Inflation Report.

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