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Severely damaged coins

In order for circulating coins to function efficiently, they must be able to be handled both by machine and manually in an appropriate manner. There should be no doubt as to the authenticity of a coin, and those who accept them must be certain that the coin is fit for further use.

Coins with damage so severe that they are no longer legal tender according to the Regulation on limitations on legal tender (Norwegian only), can be refused as a means of payment. Applications for the compensation of such coins is possible in accordance with the Regulation on compensation for severely damaged or lost notes and coins (Norwegian only).

Requirements for visual appearance

Under Section 2 of the Regulation on limitations on legal tender, coins that are deformed, that differ substantially in appearance from mint condition or that are significantly discoloured are considered to be severely damaged. Severe visual coin defects include:

  • Badly worn features, making details not easily discernible
  • Numbers or text not clearly legible
  • Deformations, ie pronounced dents or bends, or in other ways altered in shape (no longer round etc).

Coins in circulation often show clear signs of wear and tear, although this does not cause any detriment to its typical appearance as all text remains legible and design features are still clearly visible. These coins are still legal tender.

Visual examples of severely damaged coins

Severely damaged coins are characterised by motifs and texts that are no longer distinct or that lack details. These coins have usually been subjected to something other than normal use, such as high temperatures, chemical agents or an external mechanical stress.

Visual examples of severely damaged coins are set out below. Coin damage varies widely, and severely damaged coins often have multiple defects. The coins pictured are therefore neither exhaustive nor borderline cases, but rather are clear examples of severely damaged coins that are no longer legal tender.

5-, 1- and 20-krone coins with very unclear features, many eroded details and not all numbers and letters are clearly legible.
5-, 10- and 20-krone coins with pronounced dents and bends, altered from original shape.



Published 9 May 2022 12:57