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Reports on financial stability

Norges Bank publishes four reports that provide an overview of the financial system, development trends, vulnerabilities and oversight activities.

Financial Stability Report

Financial stability implies a financial system that is resilient to shocks and thus capable of channelling funds, executing payments and distributing risk efficiently. Financial stability is one of Norges Bank's primary objectives in its work on promoting economic stability.

In the annual Financial Stability Report, Norges Bank assesses vulnerabilities and risks in the financial system, with a focus on the long-term, structural features of banks, financial markets and the Norwegian economy that are of importance for financial stability. The report contains a stress test of banks' resilience and response to a pronounced downturn in the Norwegian economy.

Financial infrastructure report

The financial infrastructure includes the payment system, the securities settlement system, central counterparties (CCPs), central securities depositories (CSDs) and trade repositories. Norges Bank monitors the payment system and other financial infrastructure. The financial infrastructure plays a key role in ensuring financial stability.

The annual report Financial infrastructure is part of Norges Bank's efforts to promote financial stability and an efficient and secure payment system. The infrastructure must ensure that cash payments and transactions in financial instruments are recorded, cleared and settled.

The report deals with challenges for security and efficiency in the financial infrastructure, as well as development trends. The report also provides an account of Norges Bank's supervisory and oversight work..

Report on the Norwegian financial system

The report provides a general overview of the financial system in Norway, its tasks and how these tasks are carried out.

This report is meant as a reference guide and textbook and is intended for a broad audience. The focus is on presenting the financial system in a simplified manner. Financial system professionals will also be able to find useful information.

Assessment of financial stability in monetary policy report

Norges Bank's Monetary Policy Report with financial stability assessment includes, in addition to monetary policy assessments, an ongoing assessment of financial imbalances and the banking sector.

The assessments, together with indicators for financial imbalances, form the decision basis for the countercyclical capital buffer for banks.

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