Norges Bank

The Supervisory Council’s annual report to the Storting


At least once a year, the Supervisory Council shall submit a statement on the minutes of the meetings of the Executive Board and its supervision of the Bank (c.f Section 5 fourth paragraph fifth sentence of the Norges Bank Act). A copy of the statement is sent to the Ministry of Finance. The statement concerning supervision of the bank shall at the minimum contain the following:

  1. an account of the way supervision of the Bank has been organised,
  2. an account of supervisory activities performed and the Supervisory Council's priorities in its supervisory work ahead,
  3. an account of supervision of the Bank's investment management,
  4. the Supervisory Council's assessment of the Executive Board's management and control of the Bank’s administration and operations (cf. Section 5 third paragraph second sentence),
  5. an account of the Supervisory Council's work on approval of the Bank's budget and adoption of the financial statements (cf. Section 5 fourth paragraph second sentence),
  6. particular remarks, if any, in connection with the Council’s supervision.
Edited 3 June 2020 16:00
Edited 3 June 2020 16:00