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What we can offer: Good career opportunities for highly qualified candidates

Working at Norges Bank will give you the opportunity to work with other talented professionals and tackle challenging tasks. You will be given considerable responsibility, a high degree of independence and good opportunities for career development and personal growth.

Professional development

Performance appraisals at Norges Bank are designed to improve your performance. Appraisals are part of a structured process that includes regular follow-up support through the year, focused on further development of your professional skills.

The policy and research teams at Norges Bank arrange weekly seminars that are open to all Norges Bank staff. The Bank also regularly hosts international conferences on a range of topics, and you will have the opportunity to take part in external conferences in Norway and abroad.

The Bank's scholarship and internship programmes offer excellent development opportunities through external courses, a full-time or part-time study programme and to participate in visiting student programmes at other central banks.

The management training programme at Norges Bank offers opportunities for individual coaching as well as management group training.

Working environment

Norges Bank is an inclusive workplace: our action plan promotes an inclusive working environment, with a focus on equality and diversity at all levels of the organisation.

Three trade unions represent their members' interests vis-à-vis Norges Bank in its capacity as employer.

Staff at Norges Bank work regulated working hours with the option of accumulating flextime and with remuneration for required time worked in excess of 7.5 hours per day. Variable hours are also an option.

Social environment

Norges Bank employees are active in a number of clubs, including a sports club, art association, wine club and beer club. Regular social events for staff are held in "Klubben", an on-site social venue for employees in the oldest part of the Bank's premises, now a listed building, on Rådhusgaten.

More staff benefits

Norges Bank has a well-equipped in-house gym and fitness studio that is open to all employees and the staff library has a wide selection of books staff can borrow. The Bank's Venastul mountain resort at Venabygdsfjellet is popular all year round for its great skiing and hiking terrain and magnificent views of the Jotunheimen mountain range.

Other benefits include a loan scheme, insurance, a pension scheme and opportunities for leave of absence. Norges Bank has its own health service. 


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