Norges Bank

How to apply for jobs at Norges Bank

Please note that applications will only be considered if they are in response to advertised vacancies and submitted through our recruitment tool, Webcruiter.

Use our online recruitment system to register and activate JobAgent to receive an alert when a job is advertised.

If you have found a vacancy you want to apply for, the first step is to register your CV and write a letter of application in our electronic recruitment system.

Security clearance

As a general rule, employees and temporary staff must have a security clearance before they can begin working at the Bank. The basis for security clearance varies according to the types of access an employee/temporary staff needs and the legally required background checks. Examples of background checks may be obtaining police certificates, credit checks and verifications of education and employment. Consent will always be obtained in advance.

Applicant lists subject to public disclosure

As a public sector entity, Norges Bank is subject to the Freedom of Information Act. Among other things, this entails an obligation on the part of the Bank to compile applicant lists that are subject to public disclosure.

Once they are compiled, the lists of applicants are not published. Your name will not automatically appear in Norges Bank's public journal, nor can the contents of applicant lists be accessed by an ordinary internet search. Anyone wishing to obtain access to the list of applicants must submit a formal disclosure request to the Bank. There is no restriction on who may request disclosure of a list of applicants.

Applicant lists subject to public disclosure contain the name, age, position or occupation and municipality of residence or employment of each applicant.

You may request to have information such as your name exempted from public disclosure if you have particular grounds for such an exemption. If you wish for your name to be exempted from public disclosure, you must tick the box beside "I do not want my name included in the list of applicants" on the application form. Your grounds for exemption must carry greater weight than the interest of the public in the disclosure of the list of applicants. You may emphasise recruitment considerations, but you must still cite good reasons for exclusion from the list of applicants. It is not possible to provide a complete list of criteria that you would need to fulfil for exclusion from the list of applicants, but the text of the Freedom of Information Act and its preparatory works provide an indication. If you have applied for a position that is of particular public interest, the criteria for exclusion from the list of applicants shall generally be slightly more stringent.

Please note that information about an applicant may be disclosed even if the applicant has requested that his or her name not be included on an applicant list subject to public disclosure.

If your request for exclusion from an applicant list subject to public disclosure is not granted, you will be notified before the list can be disclosed to enable you to withdraw your application.

Vacant positions

There are no vacant positions for the moment