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Commemorative coin to mark the anniversary of the national legal code

On 1 February, Norges Bank will issue a special edition 20-krone circulation coin to commemorate the 750th anniversary of the national legal code of Magnus VI Lagabøte.


The coin's anniversary motif, “Seal” is designed by the designer Michael Guilfoyle. The motif is a modern rendition of Magnus VI Lagabøte’s equestrian seal (1278), which depicts a mounted king lifting a pair of scales. Twelve dots represent the members of the Court of Appeal.

The selection of “Seal” was made following a competition of five participants. In its evaluation of the winning motif, the jury writes:

“The motif is exquisitely modelled and in harmony with a medieval stylistic expression. (..) The motif and design tie together the Middle Ages and the present and create rich associations with the king, legal system and legislation.”

The obverse motif on the coin shows the portrait of HM King Harald V, as on previous special edition issues in recent years. The motif was designed by Ingrid Austlid Rise, designer at the Mint of Norway.

The coin will be issued as a normal circulation coin and will eventually appear as normal change in shops. In addition, the commemorative coin will be displayed at the Historical Museum from 1 to 25 February 2024 and available for purchase in the gift shops at both the Historical Museum and the National Library of Norway.

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Published 1 February 2024 10:00