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The minutes of the Executive Board’s meetings will be made public

Norges Bank's Executive Board has decided to publish the minutes of its meetings on the Bank's website. The Board's monetary policy discussions will remain exempt from public disclosure.

"Norges Bank aims to be a transparent and well-run central bank. The publication of the minutes of the meetings of the Executive Board will enhance transparency about the management of the central bank, and the management of the Government Pension Fund Global," says Governor Øystein Olsen. Matters relating to the Government Pension Fund Global account for steadily growing share of Board matters

The minutes include matters that have been considered at the meetings of the Executive Board and Board decisions. The minutes will be published on Norges Bank's website after Board approval of the minutes at the subsequent meeting. Furthermore, a review of the minutes will be needed to ensure due regard for information that is subject to a duty of confidentiality or that for other reasons should be exempt from public disclosure. The minutes will be published in both English and Norwegian.

"Under today's regulation, the minutes of the Executive Board's monetary policy meetings are published after 12 years. The decision to publish the minutes does not entail a change to this rule, but in the upcoming strategy period, the Executive Board will also consider increasing transparency regarding the Board's monetary policy discussion," says Governor Øystein Olsen.

The minutes of the Executive Board's meetings in 2016 will be made public in Norwegian in the course of today. English translations will be published at a later date.


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Published 6 September 2016 10:20