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Norges Bank’s annual financial statements for 2015

Norges Bank's net profit for 2015 was NOK 67 billion, compared with a net profit of NOK 89 billion in 2014.

Net income from financial instruments in global securities markets was a positive NOK 67 billion in 2015, compared with NOK 90 billion in 2014. The krone depreciated further against most of the major currencies in the Bank's foreign exchange reserves in 2015, resulting in a foreign exchange gain of NOK 55 billion in 2015 (59). At the end of 2015, the Bank's net foreign exchange reserves amounted to NOK 468 billion, an increase of NOK 20 billion from end-2014.

The return on the foreign exchange reserves, measured in international currency, was 1.67 percent in 2015. The return on equity investments was 3.46 percent, 0.78 percent for long-term fixed investments and 0.06 percent for short-term fixed income investments. At the end of 2015, 36% of the foreign exchange reserves was invested in equities, while 64% was invested in fixed income instruments.

Total comprehensive income in 2015 was NOK 67 billion. In line with the current guidelines for provisions and allocations of Norges Bank's profit, the Bank's total profit was transferred, with NOK 8 billion to the Adjustment Fund and NOK 59 billion to the Transfer Fund. This entails a transfer to the Treasury of NOK 27 billion in 2016. Norges Bank's equity after the transfer to the Treasury stands at NOK 246 billion.

The GPFG is managed by Norges Bank and Norges Bank's financial statements include the financial reporting for the GPFG. Financial reporting for the GPFG is also included in the GPFG annual report. See the press release issued in connection with the publication of the GPFG annual report for 2015.

The complete English edition of the Annual Report will be published at a later date.

Annual report of the Executive Board and financial statements 2015


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Published 9 March 2016 10:00