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Deadline for redemption of notes and coins

Do you have any 100-krone banknotes featuring the portrait of Camilla Collett or 1-krone coins produced earlier than 1997? Almost 300 000 banknotes and about 226 million coins are still in circulation. The deadline for redemption is 15 September 2008.

“Check through cupboards and drawers at home”, urges Trond Eklund, director of Norges Bank’s Cashier’s Department. 100-krone notes, series VI (featuring the portrait of Camilla Collett) were issued up to 1997 and Norges Bank’s obligation to redeem these banknotes ceases on 15 September 2008. The same applies to all 1-krone coins older than the current issue, i.e. all 1-krone coins issued between 1877 and 1996.

If you have notes or coins you would like to exchange, we would urge you to do so by the deadline. Notes and coins can be exchanged at Norges Bank’s main office in Oslo, at Norges Bank’s depots operated by NOKAS in Stavanger, Bergen, Trondheim and Tromsø or at banks offering this service to their customers.

In line with previous practice, Norges Bank will be flexible and exchange these notes and coins for a period after the deadline. For more information, please contact Norges Bank by phone + 47 22 31 60 00 or go to Norges Bank's website, Notes and coins


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Published 14 August 2008 10:00