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New 200-kroner note

On 16 April, Norges Bank is putting a new version of the 200-krone note into circulation. The note has been upgraded to the same security level as the 500-krone and 1000-krone notes, which both have a wide, holographic, metallic strip to the right of the portrait on the obverse of the note. When the note is held at different angles, different parts of the Norse horse on the metallic strip will light up in a variety of colours, even when lighting is poor. The metallic strip makes it easier to identify a genuine banknote.

Although the number of counterfeit 200-krone notes is small in relation to the total volume of notes in circulation, counterfeiting of 200-krone notes has become a growing problem in recent years. Most of these counterfeit notes have been produced using a colour copier or a PC scanner. If attempts are made to copy the new 200-krone note with a colour copier or scanner, the metallic strip will come out black. Thus, even when lighting is poor, it will be difficult to use such a counterfeit note.

The new 200-krone note is depicted on our website. In connection with the launch of the new note, Norges Bank will distribute a brochure to every Norwegian household, illustrating how to recognise a genuine note.

The ”old” version of the 200-krone note will continue to be legal tender, but these notes will be shredded as they come in to Norges Bank.

Norges Bank has also decided to upgrade the 100-krone note in a similar manner. The new 100-krone note will be introduced next year.


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Published 16 April 2002 09:15