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Press release

Monetary policy meeting of Norges Bank's Executive Board on 20 September

Norges Bank wants the media, markets and other interested parties to receive identical and simultaneous information on monetary policy decisions. For this reason, the Bank is launching online live sound recordings of our press conferences via the Norges Bank website. Please note that hereafter there will be no opportunity for radio/television to conduct separate interviews after press conferences (with the exception of live news broadcasts later in the day). All questions at press conferences must be asked in plenary.

At the same time, press conferences after monetary policy meetings are to be brought forward two hours, from 4 pm to 2 pm, starting from the press conference on 20 September. This means that the decision of the Executive Board and the Central Bank Governor’s introductory statement to the press conference will be published simultaneously on the Norges Bank website.



Press telephone: +47 21 49 09 30

Published 19 September 2000 14:24