Norges Bank

Working Paper


1994/13: Grønvik, Gunnvald
Inn i den svarte boksen. Om kausalitet i makroøkonomiske modeller (pdf, 348 Kb)

1994/10: Berg, Sigbjørn Atle og Moshe Kim
Banks as Multioutput Oligopolies: An Empirical Evaluation of the Retail and Corporate Banking Markets (pdf, 1 Mb)

1994/01: Berg, Sigbjørn Atle og Barbro Hexeberg
Early Warning Indicators for Norwegian Banks: A Logit Analysis of the Experiences from the Banking Crisis (pdf, 1 Mb)

Inference in small cointegrated systems : some Monte Carlo results / Øyvind Eitrheim (pdf, 2Mb)

The consumption function in Norway. Breakdown and reconstruction / P. Anders Brodin and Ragnar Nymoen (pdf, 1Mb)

Norges Bank’s Working Papers present research projects and reports that are generally not in their final form. Other analyses by Norges Bank’s economists are also included in the series. The views and conclusions in these documents are those of the authors.

Norges Bank’s Working Papers can also be found in Norges Bank's publication archive, RepEc and BIS Central Bank Research Hub

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Published 8 May 1994 12:10