Norges Bank


Report of the Ministry of Finance on government transactions

In June 2023, the Ministry of Finance appointed a working group to review how the government's transactions affect the money market. Norges Bank staff have participated in the working group. The Ministry of Finance has today published the working group's report.

“An efficient and well-functioning money market is important to Norges Bank, and government transactions can have a considerable impact on the functioning of the market. The working group has submitted a thorough report with clear recommendations”, says Governor Ida Wolden Bache.

The Ministry of Finance has decided to follow the working group's recommendation to cease neutralising transfers from Norges Bank to the government. The decision-making process for the group's other recommendations is described in the report. Once the decisions have been made, Norges Bank will assess whether there is a need to make adjustments to liquidity policy or to Norges Bank's balance sheet.

Published 3 April 2024 17:00