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Problems with exchanging Norwegian krone (NOK) banknotes abroad

Recently people have experienced problems with exchanging NOK banknotes.

Norges Bank has been informed that some banks in Norway have become more restrictive about buying NOK banknotes from abroad, citing money laundering rules. This has prompted some foreign banks and bureaux de change to stop accepting NOK banknotes. According to what the Bank has learned, there are also problems with exchanging Danish krone (DKK) and Swedish krona (SEK) banknotes outside Scandinavia.

This situation is not the result of decisions or actions on the part of Norges Bank. Banknotes are exchanged across national borders on commercial terms, and banks in Norway accept cash deposits. These activities are subject to general banking regulations.

Norges Bank is currently seeking to obtain more information. For the time being, Norwegians planning a trip abroad should consider exchanging NOK for foreign currency before departure or using cards or other electronic means of payment during the trip itself.

Published 8 June 2023 14:00
Published 8 June 2023 14:00