Norges Bank

Legal tender notes and coins

The following notes and coins are legal tender.

100 kroner forside

New 100-krone note (series VIII)

Main motif: The Gokstad ship

About the new 100-krone note

200 kroner bakside

New 200-krone note (series VIII)

Main motif: A cod

About the new 200-krone note

50 kroner forside

New 50-krone note (series VIII)

Main motif: Utvær Lighthouse

About the new 50-krone note

500 kroner forside

New 500-krone note (series VIII)

Main motif: The rescue vessel RS 14 "Stavanger"

About the new 500-krone note

New 1000-krone note (series VIII)

Main motif:  A wave in the open sea

About the new 1000-krone note

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