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Mobile app

"Nye sedler" is Norges Bank's mobile app for checking the new banknotes. The app displays the key security features on the new banknotes to help you tell the difference between a genuine banknote and a counterfeit. The app is free and available to download on the App Store or on Google Play.

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Printed information material

Norges Bank has produced an assortment of print information material on the new banknotes.

The following items are available for ordering:

Poster "How to determine that the new banknote is genuine"

New 1000-krone banknote

Preview poster

Mini-folder "Look, tilt, feel"

Width: 8.5 cm, Height: 6 cm when folded

Preview mini-folder

Brochure: "The new 1000-krone banknote"

A5 landscape format (14.8 cm x 21 cm), 12 pages

Preview brochure



How to order:

To expedite the distribution of this material, we request that orders from the same company are combined in a single order placed directly to Norges Bank's print partner 07 Media. Orders must be placed in a separate order solution. You must create a free user account to order printed materials. Most of the printed materials will be made available in Bokmål, Nynorsk and English.

Delivery time: We estimate about one week's delivery time for printed materials, subject to delays in periods of high demand.

If you have questions about the information material, please contact:

Adaptation of Banknote Handling Machines, e.g. POS and ATM terminals

Norges Bank regularly sends information to suppliers and owners of banknote handling machines, in order to ensure that the new banknotes will function in these machines.

Interested parties with a need for this type of information, and who have not been in contact with Norges Bank, may send inquiries to:

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