Norges Bank

Writing Central Bank and Monetary History

Workshop. The Graduate Institute, Geneva 26-27 April 2012.

The Graduate Institute, Geneva and Norges Bank, Oslo

The Graduate Institute, Geneva
AJF room at Villa Barton
132, rue de Lausanne
1202 Geneva

Programme committee:
Michael Bordo, Rutgers University
Øyvind Eitrheim, Norges Bank
Marc Flandreau, The Graduate Institute
Jan T. Klovland, Norwegian School of Economics


Thursday 26 April

12:00 – 13:00: Buffet lunch

Opening Session

13:00 – 13:15: Welcome remarks by Øyvind Eitrheim, Director, Norges Bank

Session I: Monetary policy implementation/Money market operations

Chair: Øyvind Eitrheim

13:15 – 14:00: Clemens Jobst (Oesterreichische Nationalbank), "The implementation of monetary policy on the continent circa 1900: Linking central bank operations and the money market"

Discussant: Marc Flandreau, Graduate Institute

14:00 – 14:45: Stefano Ugolini (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa), "Bank of England Operations Reloaded: Monetary Policy Implementation in Britain at the Heyday of the Classical Gold Standard, 1889-1910"

Discussant: Forrest Capie, Cass Business School, City University London

14:45 – 15:30: Klas Fregert (University of Lund), "The Swedish Riksbank’s 1668-2011: A view from its balance sheet" (the presentation will focus on the sections: “The balance sheet and the Riksbank goals: an analytical overview”, and the first and the last fifty years)

Discussant: Tobias Straumann, University of Zurich

15:30 – 16:00: Coffee Break

Session II Regional aspects of central banking

Chair: Marc Flandreau

16:00 – 16:45: Vincent Bignon (Banque de France) and Clemens Jobst (Oesterreichische Nationalbank), “Eligibility to Central Bank Liquidity and the Bankruptcy Rate. Lessons from France 1826-1913”

Discussant: Stefano Ugolini, Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa

16:45 – 17:30: Jan T. Klovland (Norwegian School of Economics) and Lars F. Øksendal (Norges Bank), “A decentralised central bank: regional bank rate autonomy in Norway. 1850-1892”

Discussant: Kris Mitchener, Santa Clara University

17:30 – 18:00: Øyvind Eitrheim (Norges Bank), “Norges Bank’s bicentenary project”

19:00: Dinner: Restaurant, La Buvette de bains

Friday 27 April

Session III Times of war and instability

Chair: Gianni Toniolo

08:30 – 09:15: Alexander Rathke, Tobias Straumann, and Ulrich Woitek (University of Zurich), "Overvalued: Sweden’s Monetary Policy in the 1930s”

Discussant: Mike Bordo, Rutgers University

09:15 – 10:00: Gregg Huff (Oxford University) and Shinobu Majima (Gakushuin University), "Financing Japan’s World War II Occupation of Southeast Asia"

Discussant: Vincent Bignon, Bank of France

10:00 – 10:30: Coffee Break

Session IV Crisis management

Chair: Mike Bordo

10:30 – 11:15: Pierre-Cyrille Hautcoeur (Paris School of Economics), Angelo Riva (European Business School, Paris), and Eugene N. White (Rutgers University), "Bagehot on the Continent? How the Banque de France Managed the Crisis of 1889"

Discussant: François Velde, Federal Reserve Bank, Chicago

11:15 – 12:00: Kris Mitchener (Santa Clara University), "Capital Controls and Economic Recovery from Financial Crises: Lessons from the 1930s"

Discussant: Olivier Accominotti, London School of Economics

12:15 – 13:30: Lunch

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