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Norway's financial system

Norway's financial system 2021

Norway's financial system

Norway’s financial system provides a general overview of the financial system in Norway, its tasks and how these tasks are carried out. This report is meant as a reference guide and textbook and is intended for a broad audience. The focus is on presenting the financial system in a simplified manner. Financial system professionals will also be able to find useful information. Hyperlinks to other, more detailed Norges Bank publications and to other institutions have been inserted in the text, enabling the reader to delve more deeply into topics of interest.

The introduction provides an overall overview of all the components of the financial system.

Section 1 describes the various markets: the money, bond, foreign exchange and equity markets, and the financial derivatives markets.

Section 2 discusses the most important financial institutions: banks,  mortgage companies, insurance companies, pension schemes and various funds, etc.

Section 3 describes the financial system infrastructure, which includes the payment system and systems for the payment and transfer of securities, foreign currency and derivatives.

Norway's financial system provides a general overview of the financial system in Norway, its tasks and how these tasks are carried out.

ISSN 2535-4078 (online).

Published 1 September 2021 10:45
Published 1 September 2021 10:45