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Survey of Bank Lending

Further tightening of credit standards for enterprises

Survey of Bank Lending

Banks continued to tighten credit standards for enterprises while credit standards for households remained virtually unchanged in Q2. Banks expect approximately unchanged credit standards for both enterprises and households in 2009 Q3.

Banks reported a further fall in loan demand among nonfinancial corporations in 2009 Q2. Loan demand in the enterprise sector is expected to stabilise in Q3. Household loan demand was approximately unchanged in Q2. Banks expect increased household credit demand ahead.

In its work on monitoring financial stability in Norway, Norges Bank uses extensive statistics on developments in credit and financial markets. In order to expand the information base, Norges Bank conducts a quarterly survey of bank lending. The survey provides information on changes in the demand for and supply of credit and on changes in banks’ loan terms and conditions. Objective of the Bank Lending Survey

Questionnaire - Lending to households (xls)
Questionnaire - Lending to non-financial corporations (xls)

Published 28 July 2009 10:00
Published 28 July 2009 10:00