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Commemorative coin in 2024 to feature the motif “Seal”

In 2024, Norges Bank will issue a special edition 20-krone circulation coin to commemorate the 750th anniversary of the national law code of Magnus the Law-mender.

Norges Bank is issuing this coin to commemorate the 750 years since Norway was given a unified national code of laws, among the first in Europe, which was promulgated by King Magnus VI Håkonsson, called the Law-mender, and adopted at all the regional law assemblies. The national law code replaced the earlier regional laws and ensured uniform treatment of property disputes and criminal penalties in all parts of the country. 

The national law code was repealed in 1687, but certain principles and formulations remain in current Norwegian legislation.

Norges Bank invited five participants to a competition to design the anniversary motif on the coin’s reverse side. The winner of the competition was Michael Guilfoyle, with the motif “Seal”.

The winning motif is a modern rendition of Magnus the Law-mender’s equestrian seal (1278), which depicts a mounted king lifting a pair of scales. Twelve dots represent the members of the Court of Appeal. In its evaluation the jury writes:

“The motif is exquisitely modelled and in harmony with a medieval stylistic expression. (...) The motif and design tie together the Middle Ages and the present and create rich associations with the king, legal system and legislation.”

The coin will be issued in 2024 Q1.


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Published 25 August 2023 10:00
Commemorative coin motif "Seal" by Michael Guilfoyle.
Commemorative coin motif "Seal" by Michael Guilfoyle. Photo: Nils S. Aasheim/Norges Bank
Michael Guilfoyle
Michael Guilfoyle. Photo: Guilfoyle Design Ltd.
Published 25 August 2023 10:00