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Ida Wolden Bache appointed Governor of Norges Bank

On Friday, Ida Wolden Bache was appointed Governor of Norges Bank and Chair of Norges Bank’s Executive Board by the King in the Council of State for a term of six years.

Governor Ida Wolden Bache. Photo: Nils S. Aasheim/Norges Bank

Ida Wolden Bache assumed the post of Governor of Norges Bank on 1 March 2022 after Øystein Olsen retired. Last week it became clear that she would accept to continue after Jens Stoltenberg relinquished the post. Friday’s decision by the King in the Council of State has made the appointment official.

"It is with a sense of responsibility and with great humility that I have set to work on the task at hand. Norges Bank is an important social institution that I am proud to work for. Together with all of you highly competent employees of the central bank and of Norges Bank Investment Management, I will work to carry out our mission in the best way possible in the time to come," says Ida Wolden Bache.


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Published 1 April 2022 11:51