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"15 000 KM” to be reverse motif of commemorative coin in 2021

In 2021, Norges Bank will issue a special edition 20-krone circulation coin to commemorate the 250th anniversary of Hans Nielsen Hauge’s birth. With this commemorative coin issue, Norges Bank wishes to mark Hans Nielsen Hauge’s important contribution to the development of democracy and business in Norway. The artist Håkon Anton Fagerås won the contest to design the anniversary motif.

Norges Bank invited five artists to participate in a competition to design the anniversary motif on the reverse of the coin. Håkon Anton Fagerås won the competition with the motif “15 000 km” (see photo).

The motif shows Hauge reading while wandering. In its assessment, the jury writes:

“He is setting out to spread his message, motivated and inspired by Scripture. This powerful portrait portrays Hauge as the founder of a popular religious movement based on industriousness, commerce and manual work. He comes across as more than a preacher. While the book and knapsack are attributes that, along with the movement of the figure, define Hauge, the itinerant preacher, the motif may also invite curiosity and wonder.”

The motif will be slightly altered before coin production begins. As has been the case with previous issues, the obverse will be a portrait of the King.

The date for the coin issue will be announced at a later date.

Artist Håkon Anton Fagerås with the motif.


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Published 18 November 2020 10:00